क़ादर खान 78 वर्ष के हो गए. क़ादर खान हिंदुस्तान के उन चंद अभिनेताओं में हैं, जिन्होंने कॉमेडी रोल शानदार तरीके से निभाए. उन्होंने चरित्र अभिनेता के तौर पर अपनी खास पहचान बनाई और वह फिल्मों में विलेन भी रहे. क़ादर खान ने चार सौ से ज़्यादा फिल्मों की पटकथा लिखी, संवाद लिखे और उन्होंने […]

Is Politics a blind alley from which there is no escape?A place where no questions is ever resolved? Till today we have not found answers to these questions and the tragedy is that, the people looking for answers are fast disappearing. One issue which are defied solutions for nearly four years is that of Ram […]

What was wrong with V P Singh’s brand of politics? Was he too trusting of his opponents? Where did he fail and what was it that raised the ire of the people? Santosh Bharatiya, Janata Dal, analyses the reasons behind the fall of the Raja’s government. Was V P Singh against any kind of organization? […]

What were the reasons behind the Janta Dal’s abysmal performance in the south? And what could explain the Congress-I’s landslide victories there? Santosh Bhartiya analyses the probable reasons behind the voting trends, in this thought-provoking essay. If it is only the destination which is known and not the way to it, then very often a […]

The people of this great country have lost their way. So says the messiah who had started the crusade to make himself and his country mahaan. The country, according to him, is moving towards a blind alley – which is a sure sign of directionlessness. Besides, he is very worried that all the projects and […]

Things have began to happen in the Janata Dal. Like the Young Turks of yore, a group of young JD MPs has come out to demand change in the system from top to bottom and soon, lest the people should decide to change the government itself. They gathered last week under the banner of Navnirman […]

Santosh Bhartiya is credited for revolutionizing the nature and approach of present day television scenario in India, especially election coverage, by making it people-centric from leader and political party-centric. It was his idea of directly involving the voter and common people, which he implemented during the assembly election of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Delhi & Chattisgarh in the year 2003. This pioneer endeavor of Mr. Bhartiya compelled all the other TV channels to follow suit during the Lok Sabha Election of 2004.